Hoff Emynau Volume 3 (Choir: Cor Ger y Ffin)

Cor Ger y Ffin, from Rhossllannerchrugog, a village unique in spawning Welsh choirs, has recorded this collection of 15 Welsh hymns. It is a privilege to hear their mixed voices replicating the singing of the Welsh chapels, under the leadership of Geraint Roberts. Contained in the booklet are the words and music, together with background notes on those composers who have created this rich heritage.



  • Finlandia

       Dros Gymru’n gwlad (Gweddi dros Gymru)

  • Maelor

       Mae Duw yn llond pob lle 

  • Monks Gate

       A fynno ddewrder gwir

  • Price

       I Galfaria trof fy wyneb

  • Rwy’n Canu

       Rwy’n Canu fel cana’r aderyn

  • Ellers

       Pan fwyf yn teimlo’n unig lawer awr

  • Bishopthorpe

       Nid oes yng Nghrist na dwyrain, de

  • Blaen-y-Coed

       Pwy sy’n dwyn y Brenin adref?

  • Duw a’n Gwnaeth

       Ti, friallen fach ar lawr

  • Rimington

       Yr Iesu a deyrnasa’n grwn

  • Melita

        Mae’r llais y gwyliwr oddi draw

  • Sicrwydd Bendigaid

       Sicrwydd Bendigaid! Iesu yn rhan

  • Cais yr Iesu Mawr

       Plant bach Iesu Grist ydym ni

  • Wele’n Gwawrio

       Wele’n gwawrio ddydd I’w gofio

  • Arwelfa

        Arglwydd, gad im dawel orffwys


    The Hoff Emynau project has been initiated by Ted Clement-Evans a sixth generation Welshman living in Liverpool.  Ted’s grandfather and great grandfather were two of the prominent Welsh builders in Liverpool in the 19th century. On finding his grandfather’s diary, started in 1894, and discovering that much of his life followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, Ted has written a story of their lives. For anyone interested in the Welsh builders of Liverpool, the ‘Tale of Two Teds’ may be found on Amazon at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tale-Two-Teds-Builders-Liverpool/dp/1910352012

    ©2017 by Gwasg Clement-Evans